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Adobe Connect


Administrating Your Account

bullet pointUnderstanding the Connect Meeting Room
This official documentation from Adobe introduces you to meeting room nomenclature (see especially pages 3-4)...
Download documentation
bullet pointHow to Create a Connect Meeting Room
We created documentation with screenshots to help you create your very first meeting room...
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bullet pointSetting up for Connect Meetings
This official documentation from Adobe helps you set up for Adobe Connect meetings...
Download documentation
bullet pointAccessing the presentation audio settings
The first document shows you how to access and modify Adobe Connect audio settings. The second document provides a brief introduction to the settings themselves (from the official Adobe Connect documentation)...
Download 'How to Access Audio Settings'
Download 'Audio Settings Explanation' documentation
bullet pointAdding a video to your presentation
How to upload a video and integrate it with your presentation...
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bullet point3 Adobe Connect Features to Explore
Learn how to do the following: (1) Enable the Presenter Only area, (2) switch to Prepare Mode, and (3) invite participants from within the conference room...
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bullet pointMaking recordings available to students
How to make your presentation recordings available to students...
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bullet pointDiagnosing connection issues
Adobe provides a web page to help you diagnose connection issues. The page ensures you have the correct version of Flash and Adobe Connect installed. It also checks your bandwidth speed and your ability to connect to the Adobe Connect server. You can direct students encountering connection issues to this page, as well:
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bullet pointHelping students log into presentations
After you make the presentation URL available to your students, students can log into the presentation as a guest. A best practice for students is to log in early and run the audio test. We have created how-to documentation that you can make available to your students in Blackboard...
Download documentation

bullet pointHelping students log in (short version)
This is an abbreviated help document that walks students through the steps of logging into the meeting room...
Download documentation

bullet pointHelping students adjust their audio
A student has trouble adjusting their microphone volume in a meeting so you want to provide a quick solution...
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bullet pointHelping students check for Flash
Yes. Students can check to see if Flash is installed on their computers by navigating to a special Adobe page. (On computers, Adobe Connect is Flash-based.) Here is the link: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html
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bullet pointHelping students with tech requirements
Adobe has published technical requirements for clients on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. In addition, they have published requirements for clients using mobile devices. You can direct students to the following page where these requirements are posted: http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/tech-specs.html
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