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This handout was provided to faculty at a presentation on plagiarism detection. It includes the slides from the presentation along with an abundance of how-to information...

Click here to download it.


Turnitin's Support web site has two very good tutorials:

  • OriginalityCheck
    OriginalityCheck is the Turnitin tool that helps instructors check for possible cases of plagiarism.
  • How to View Originality Reports Originality Reports display matches of words, phrases, and sentences in a student paper with those found in external sources - such as web sites, journals, and other student papers.

Finally, Dr. Wicker has created Turnitin tutorials and posted them to the Faculty Training course. Here’s how to get to them:

In Blackboard, click on the Faculty Training link in the My Courses module:

Finding Wick Flicks

In the course menu, click the Wick Flicks link:

Finding Wick Flicks

On the "Wick Flicks for TEU Credit" page, click the Wick Flicks link.

Finding Wick Flicks

On the "Wick Flicks" page, scroll down to and click the Blackboard 9 Wick Flicks link:

Finding Wick Flicks

Finally, on the Blackboard 9 Wick Flicks page, scroll down to the Turnitin folders. There are two folders, each containing links to Turnitin videos created by Dr. Wicker.